It’s hard to find three words that stop conversations faster than luxury vinyl flooring. Show people something amazing though, and pretty soon the conversation turns into investigation. That’s how to get people talking about what makes your product better.


The brand needed something important to stand on and a better way to demonstrate it.

LVT flooring had the beauty of real and the benefits of better-than-real. But the stigma of “fake” still haunted the choice in both residential and high-end commercial markets. Even when it’s all about the product, it’s not just about product. It’s all about demonstration that inspires belief.



Authenticity is no match for reality.

Reality is messy. Real wood floors not only give you limited and expensive choices, they give you headaches – stains, wear and tear – all adding up to unanticipated maintenance and, eventually, replacement. Amtico offered better, more extensive and less expensive options that would stand up to real life.



Comparisons clarified decision-making and sales increased by 32 percent.

Anyone who’s installed real wood floors immediately knew the challenges. And anyone who is thinking about it has already heard the cost and maintenance horror stories. This uncomplicated campaign resonated with both the commercial and residential decision-makers and drove Amtico luxury vinyl tile flooring sales, well, through the roof.