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Activations for Pioneer Phase of Development

Real estate developments have different phases in their lifecycle: Planning Phase, Pioneer Phase, Early Bird/Pre-Construction Phase, Preview Opening Phase, Pre-Grand Opening Phase, Grand Opening Phase, Post-Grand Opening Phase, Momentum Maintenance Phase, and Closeout Phase. Each phase requires a different approach in terms of what to communicate and how to communicate.

Let’s say development is in the Pioneer Phase. This is when the development has already been announced, and construction of first features is underway. During the preceding Planning Phase, the logos have been created, renderings and master site plan has been completed, signage has been erected, and low-key publicity stories have been released. During the Pioneer Phase, we will take the work done during the Planning Phase and build on it. The Pioneer Phase will be the first real opportunity homebuyers will have to understand truly the vision and uniqueness of the development.

The following are examples of tactics to execute during the Pioneer Phase:

– Key talking points about development and community advantages
– Vision and lifestyle stories about the overall advantages of the community and its lifestyle
– Developer story
– Location story, including the key benefits of the area
– The unique value statement for development that separates it from the competition
– Positioning tagline that memorably conveys the spirit and uniqueness of the community
– Interest list signup (data pushed to a CRM)
– Renderings and sitemaps
– Development progress
– Progress photography
– Development timeline
– Planned amenities
– Builder information
Social Media:
– Development progress photography
– Renderings and sitemaps
– Interest list signup links
Low-key publicity stories released
Marketing standards manual for builders
Limited, highly targeted VIP mailing “Be the First to Know.”
First broker awareness communications released

Each development is unique in the target audience and message. These example tactics need to be expanded and tailored to highlight the benefits and lifestyle homebuyers can achieve purchasing a home in the new development.