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Do You Need a New Real Estate Brand Strategy?

Previously, we shared with you denmark@home’s process for producing deliberate marketing insights, ideas and results. The first step in the process is working hand in hand with you during Discovery sessions to understand and identify your prospects and target audience. We wanted to continue this dialogue by sharing our approach to helping you with the next step: Branding.

Unfortunately, there are some still who think of Branding as little more than an exercise in logo creation. But to us, Branding involves establishing your unique identity in the minds of target audience members within your category, whether master-planned communities, homebuilders, or golf communities. Effective Branding results in strong, differentiated messaging and creative that build awareness and preference. It creates an emotional connection and position that connect with potential home buyers.

Denmark@home’s Branding step begins with conducting competitive analysis research. This may involve reviewing competitor positioning, differentiators, product offerings, pricing and special offers/promotions strategy, visual feel, and tone. Since visiting sales centers are a pivotal point in the home-buying journey, mystery shopping research can also provide valuable insights. This type of qualitative research surveys sales agents from competitor communities to determine their unique value propositions on an open-ended and unaided basis, identifying how details related to community size, lifestyle, amenities, activities, schools, HOA, new home availability, new home design and construction are communicated to prospects.

All this helps us work with you to co-create your Unique Value Proposition and start building an overall brand positioning specific to your product mix and target audience.