The once prosperous town of Benton Harbor found itself in a new place. Corporate Alliance and the Whirlpool Corporation saw an opportunity to establish a positive economic transformation for their neighbors.


There is no more powerful brand than hometown pride.

With strategic planning, brand development, place-making design, communications and events – even the art on the Jack Nicklaus golf course, we helped bring Whirlpools’ vision to life. Today, the town and people of Benton Harbor are thriving, pride is paramount again thanks to the job creation, tourism revenue and economic transformation Whirlpool brought about with Harbor Shores.



A big project with the scale to bring
about an epic change.

Whirlpool’s mission impossible was to combine 530 contiguous acres and begin to create the area’s first master-planned resort community with a world-class golf course by a legendary golfer. Our mission was to create the stories and foster the beliefs that would give people the vision to overlook the dismal scene and imagine a better future.



The change that changed lives, a town and an economy.

Here was a storied stretch of land just 90 minutes northeast of Chicago, but like much of Lake Michigan’s small towns, the shoreline was clustered with castles and cottages. If a master-planned golf community could be created, it could attract buyers and golfers throughout the Midwest, creating an economic engine that would change the fate and fortune of Benton Harbor.