Master-Planned Communities

Liberty Park is a nearly 4,000-acre development close to Birmingham, AL. Every community has its own character, and so should its marketing materials. The denmark@home process involves identifying the unique qualities, features, and benefits of the master-planned community and bringing it to life through style, look, and feel through custom website, rebrands, promotional campaign, and much more.


Start with a Vision

The first part of any strategy requires a vision codifying the over-riding idea of what the community is going to mean to prospective buyers. But for any mission to work, the internal stakeholders need to buy in. As part of the Liberty Park real estate marketing strategy, we wrote the “2020 Vision Plan” and designed and created brochures and signage to communicate internally where Liberty Park was headed.



As part of creating yearly marketing plans, denmark@home does competitive analysis research, from evaluating competitors’ online presence for positioning, differentiators, offerings, and pricing strategies to mystery shopping for understanding how sales agents are communicating the story, including details of the community’s design, lifestyle, and amenities.


More Than a Logo, But…

Part of our journey with Liberty Park has been to rebrand the development. Branding involves establishing your unique identity in the minds of target audience members within your category, whether master-planned communities, homebuilders, or golf communities. Effective branding results in strong, differentiated messaging and creative that build awareness and preference. It creates an emotional connection and position that connect with potential home buyers. Branding is more than designing a logo, but it is part of the process.

Home Tents

Floor Plans Galore

Floor plans with available elevations provide a complement to photos. Floor plans make it easier to compare dimensions and locations. Prospective buyers can see the layout and start imagining where to put their furniture. Being able to readily picture their new home makes it easier to get excited about it.


The Search Starts Here

Unlike agent and agency websites that simply embed MLS search through a third-party IDX service, master-planned community websites need more functionality. Whether displaying lots, home plans, available move-in ready homes by type of product (single-family homes vs. townhomes, for example), neighborhoods, or available promotions, prospective buyers demand to have more information quickly available at their fingerprints.


Lead Generation

A common strategy in real estate marketing is to gather email addresses from people who “favorite” a listing or sign up for a newsletter. Although this can be a valid strategy, typically a prospective buyer will want to receive significant value in exchange for sharing their email address. For Liberty Park, denmark@home created detailed e-books covering topics such the benefits of living in a master-planned community, the lifestyle at Liberty Park, the award-winning schools in Liberty Park, amenities, location, and lifestyle available at Liberty Park. Tracking visitors and which e-books they downloaded helps segment interest level and personalize ads to each visitor’s interests.


Balancing Brand vs. Promotions

Most consumer-facing brands struggle with ratio of brand vs. promotion campaigns to run. denmark@home strategies focus on eye-catching brand campaigns while doing timely promotion campaigns dependent on needs such as overbuilt floor plans, seasonality, or driving traffic to new model homes. The target audience is exposed to the community messages via Facebook, Instagram, Google ads (also integrating remarketing), print ads, advertorials, landing pages, and emails.

Print Ads

Not Really Dying

While digital allows master-planned communities to get in front of prospective buyers more easily and possibly with less expense, an 8.5”x11” ad in the inside cover of a magazine presents better opportunities to tell the brand story than a 300x250px ad on a webpage already flooded with other ads. denmark@home analyzes print publication audience demographics and cost, identifying whether and how much of media spend should be allocated to print channels.


Which Channel?

While real estate marketers have many social channels to engage potential buyers, buyers have limited time and attention span. We analyze Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Snapchat vs Twitter for your audience, and even within each channel we analyze the best ways to leverage existing content or create more content that tells the brand story or promotion (for example, Instagram posts vs. Instagram Stories vs Instagram TV). Creating unique and attention-grabbing visuals is paramount in a fast thumb-scrolling or swiping world.

Public Relations

Advertorials & Native Ads

Publishers crave content, and advertorials and native ads present a way of telling the community’s stories in print and digital formats. Creating the concept, writing in the established brand voice and tone while matching the style of the publication, and providing useful content to readers, denmark@home raises brand awareness of master-planned communities.

Drummond Built

Builder Marketing

Whether you have a dedicated builder or have multiple builders, denmark@home can highlight the unique selling propositions and emphasize the focus on building quality homes with passion and integrity.

Old Overton Club


In a world with unlimited social and entertainment options, golf clubs struggle to generate interest. To help membership clubs compete, denmark@home discovers and tells their best stories and create unique marketing experiences that attract and engage new members. The denmark@home approach combines lifestyle brand strategy and appropriate marketing techniques to build brand, invigorate members, and create a pipeline of prospective new members.

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