Carpets are nothing less than a giant commitment. No matter how advanced the manufacturing technology or how lovely the feel of the material what they are really woven with is emotion.


Introducing a unique carpet fiber created the opportunity to reach deeply into the buyer psyche and change behaviors through I Will Not Fear and Carpetbuyaphobia

Tears stain more carpets than puppies, red wine or “oops”. Mohawk’s best opportunity was to recognize, empathize and then remove the crying from buying. Mohawk set out to change the way carpet is sold.



Identify the non-ease and deliver the cure.

First we stood in the retail stores – and witnessed as a recent buyer came in crying. The carpet was installed and she didn’t like the feel. Buying carpet is a high risk, high reward purchase. To help the Mohawk retailers overcome customer anxiety we launched the I Will Not Fear Campaign to consumers and the Carpetbuyaphobia campaign to educate retailers on the Mohawk SmartStrand’s unique soft- feel, stain-resistant advantage.



Eliminating fear made sales easier and faster.

From Case Studies To Cures: empathy, education and entertainment gained attention and sales. Armed with a humorous tone, retailers understood how best to present the key message by audience segments. Word from the field? Most effective campaign ever!