When a venerable brand lost its place in the home, it was time to put the brand promise out front.


People don’t seek HVAC equipment. What they are seeking is a reliable, efficient source of comfort.

What’s complicated for most consumers is we do not buy HVAC equipment in the way we do a sweater or shorts. What’s complex for the architect, contractor, service company or energy utility is they are buying, selling and servicing HVAC equipment all of the time. Too often, for Rheem, the result was a cold world of commoditization. Or they could focus on winning over contractors’ recommendations and re-establishing consumer recognition.



Change the story from replacement headaches, sameness or complex cost matrices to an engaging truth called “The New Degree of Comfort”.

Unless you move people from the nuts and bolts of HVAC, it’s still metal boxes and ducts. Anchored by its new positioning, The New Degree of Comfort, we put people into the story and made a universal symbol represent the ultimate benefit. ComfOrt



By creating a customer-centric positioning, the new brand story not only amplified the brand, but also helped simplify the customer’s purchase decision.

Plus, employees were energized with purpose. Contractors more easily identified the Rheem value proposition. Customers cut through the clutter for, yes, a new degree of comfort. Website visits increased 158%. Contractor sales increased and Rheem re-emerged with measurable brand assets and premium standing.