Add a new chapter to the legendary Ritz-Carlton portfolio by presenting the transformation of an uninhabited island into the ultimate luxury resort.


The traditional Ritz-Carlton experience is about creating a sense of anticipation and elevating expectations

Ask anyone to name an example of brand whose excellence is in customer experience, chances are they will say, “The Ritz-Carlton.” Three miles from Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Rose Island was once a hidden harbor for WWII U2 boats. The island’s transformation would offer a setting unlike any other in the Caribbean.



Take the island to Europe.

Research showed the first audience would be Europe’s influential real estate brokers who would be eager to inspire their clients with the world-class standards of The Ritz-Carlton and the one-of-a-kind character of Rose Island. Individualized presentations, showcase books, island iconography, videos and a preview website were developed to support the European initiative, capture interest and engage prospective buyers.



The road show that drove Europe closer to Rose Island

Customized presentations to Europe’s leading brokers identified both a deep desire for this unique destination and an increased understanding of the buyer profiles. Based on these new insights, the island development team was able to create the services and amenities that ultimately magnified the island’s appeal.