A TSA-approved luggage lock brand had a product that would make travelers’ lives easier and safer. But no one knew about it.


A more dangerous world created challenges between security and privacy. Travelers got the short end.

Traveling is a stressful process. The frustration caused by TSA breaking open locks convinced travelers to forgo any protection for their luggage. Travelers were unaware they could and should lock their bags while allowing for screening of their luggage.



Be there at the moment of truth.

Millions of Americans fly every year. Travel plans are booked every day. From leisure travel to honeymoons and getaways, Americans are packing their bags and leaving them unlocked. The strategy was to put Travel Sentry locks in front of moms and wives, the CEOs of travel, while they were researching, planning, and purchasing plane tickets. Make America Travel Smarter.



If you love it, lock it.

An online promotion campaign was executed, focused on educating travelers about their options in protecting luggage with ease, when and where they were: booking and travel research sites. The results were happier travelers…and TSA.