Affluent homeowners expect moving to be a simple process, but who does one trust with prized possessions? With the market flooded by moving companies, homeowners had no way to distinguish fly-by-night operations from white-glove professionals.


All moving companies are positioned the same way: efficiency, accurate estimates, and low cost.

Moving is a painful process, leaving behind the past and taking all of one’s belongings and their memories to a new home. An already stressful journey is made worse by previous poor experiences of too many promises but underdelivering, compounded by horror stories from family and friends. Truck and I needed a way to differentiate their offerings in a commodity market and emotional minefield.



Ease The Pain

While all movers say the right things, they miss the core human need: safety. Homeowners want to know all their belongings will be securely packed, moved, and unpacked by experts. Building on Truck and I’s reputation of excellent service over 30 years and multi-generational repeat customers, we launched “The Safe Move” campaign to help Truck and I prospective customers overcome the anxiety of choice and moving.



A human-centric positioning drives 15% increase in sales

“The Safe Move” provides the sales force a starting point for how to engage customers. No longer is the conversation about qualifications or cost, but how Truck and I’s services will be the least complicated part of the customers’ transition.